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Looking good never felt so good. Our innovative fabric blends are completely sustainable, low on energy, and minimize waste.




Our lightest-ever, one-ply knitwear is totally seamless and really breathable,
so you can pull it on and move with your day.


Zero waste

Stick to your Classics.
Introducing Timeless staples made from recycled threads

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tip toe warmth

No small change is too significant an impact.
Shop for our range of conscious accessories.

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From Merino wool to coffee,
Better materials made from renewable resources.

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One Planet
One Thread

We use the highest standards to craft our products with atelier-like quality, using processes that leave as little impact on the Earth as possible. Giannotti is invested in researching – and realizing – style that’s biodegradable and ethically produced, marrying tradition with innovation.

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Ditch plastic.

On Friday January 8, 2021 we launched an experiment: How long does our bioplastic bag can take to biodegrade into soils?

Here are facts about biodegradable we should all know:

How Biodegradable are Bioplastics?

Since there is often confusion when talking about bioplastics, let's clarify some terms first.

Degradable: All plastic is degradable, even traditional plastic, but just because it can be broken down into tiny fragments or powder does not mean the materials will ever return to nature. Some additives to traditional plastics make them degrade more quickly. Photodegradable plastic breaks down more readily in sunlight; oxo-degradable plastic disintegrates more quickly when exposed to heat and light.

Biodegradable: Biodegradable plastic can be broken down completely into water, carbon dioxide, and compost by microorganisms under the right conditions. "Biodegradable" implies that the decomposition happens within weeks or months. Bioplastics that don't biodegrade quickly are called "durable," and some bioplastics that are made from biomass which cannot easily be broken down by microorganisms are considered non-biodegradable.

Compostable: Compostable plastic will biodegrade in a compost site. Microorganisms break it down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass at the same rate as other organic materials in the compost pile, leaving no toxic residue.


As the weather cools down and the daylight hours grow shorter, and we continue to spend more time from the comfort of home, we have the perfect solution for you to transition between the seasons with ease—our Ultrafine knit, made with luxurious, ultrafine, high-quality Merino wool. Shop the link in bio.

Featured knit : Superfine in Oatmeal
Model is 1.79 and wears a S size

Happy Halloween! Just to help get you in the spirit, here’s some scary information: 99.8% of plastic waste found in the ocean ends up on the sea floor, mostly in the form of micro plastics.

Ain’t she pretty? Straight out of a horror film, the female deep sea anglerfish is quite possibly the ugliest creature in the deep blue sea and can be found over a mile below the surface—surviving in a world void of sunlight.

Near the sea floor—deep in the dark, lonely, bottom of the ocean—lurks this carnivorous creature who seeks out their next meal by enticing their prey with a natural lure made of luminous flesh. (Actually, their mouths are so big and their bodies so pliable and stomachs so expandable they can swallow up to two times their own size.)

Fun fact: After finding a female, in many cases the male angler bites and latches on and never lets go. A modern day vampire story...

#sustainablefashion #ocean #savetheocean #climatechange #deepseacreatures #giannottimonaco #sustainabilitysuitsyou #oceanlife #globalwarming

After two years of rigorous research and development we’ve finally got a full restock of our Superfine Sweaters.

Crafted in an ultra comfortable, extra fine Merino Wool fabric sourced from New Zealand blended with recycled coffee grounds for an extremely soft, sustainable knit that is designed to stand the test of Time.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek into our new colours... ✨
Hint: we’re fully stocked in our signature Betty Blue colour.


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