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We’re inspired by iconic design, innovative fabrics, and the real, authentic moments in life punctuated by our sustainable knitwear. We make luxury sweaters that you’ll keep for decades—and after you’ve worn them out, they can go back to the earth.

Family History

The enduring influence of family is a thread that runs through the story and inspiration behind Giannotti. Founder, Alexis, is forever moved by the work and commitment of his great, great grandfather, Alexis Axilette, and his grandmother, Betty Giannotti.


“Like my great grandfather, I am a painter—I use design and innovative fabrics to paint a new perspective of timeless style.”

— Alexis Giannotti, founder, and ECO-CEO Giannotti

Alexis shared a close relationship with his Grandmother Betty—something he wished to honor with Giannotti. The signature Giannotti Bleu was developed to pay homage to Betty’s favorite color.


2/4 Alexis was born and raised in the tiny city-state on the French Riviera, revered throughout the 20th century for its beauty and allure. A place where understated luxury meets timeless Mediterranean style, he is forever inspired by the city he calls home.


3/4 Our signature Giannotti Bleu is synonymous with the enduring determination of Alexis –
a color inspired both by dedication and the Oceans that mapped Alexis’s childhood – to create the highest quality knitwear with the minimum impact on the world.


4/4 Giannotti marries style and sustainability. Our signature Giannotti Bleu serves to remind us of our most enduring core value: to protect the world’s oceans. As a brand, we must work tirelessly to find better solutions to address global warming.


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