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We use the highest standards to craft our products with atelier-like quality, using processes that leave as little impact on the Earth as possible. Giannotti is invested in researching – and realizing – style that’s biodegradable and ethically produced, marrying tradition with innovation.

Threading The Future

There is no future without the planet. At Giannotti, we’re constantly innovating and evolving to create renewable knitwear that are light on the ocean and planet as humanly possible.


From the
ground up

Clothes are a byproduct of agriculture. The fashion industry consumes around 93 billion cubic meters of water a year. This causes drought, harms the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, and contributes to the demise of our planet—our only planet. Since day one, we have used only durable, soil-friendly, recyclable materials that require less water. Most of our materials come from no-mulesing sheep or from agricultural waste. We rely on rigorous best practices, collaborating with the industry’s third-party certifications such as Z.Q or Oeko-Tex 100 to ensure every product we make doesn’t harm our collective future.
Timeless Is an Attitude

When you take the time to appreciate the world around you, it’s easy to see what has gone before and what has endured—and understand the part you play in protecting the planet. From the relationships we build with our factory partners to our impact on the earth, Giannotti celebrates timelessness through kinship, character, and a sense of duty.


Over 80% of our sweaters are engineered from an innovative mono-block, 3D knitting technology that cuts down virtually all fabric waste. Not only is the fabric produced better for the environment but it also drapes beautifully and forms a light, close-to-perfect garment that we could never produce from traditional cut-and-sew techniques.
Sustainability Suits You

Every thread we spin is crafted with sustainability in mind. We create sustainable luxury knitwear that’s good for our people and our planet. Our vision is to bring a whole new level of sustainability to the world of luxury fashion.


Circularity is our quest for the future. Using sustainable practices is no longer enough—we’re working hard to close the gap on our production, finding ways to recycle and reuse our products when they finally get to the end of their wearable life cycle. We’re also committed to educating – and innovating – on the best ways to care for our pieces so that they last as long as possible.
Only Life in The Ocean

When broken down, most clothing is essentially plastic. Every time you wash non-sustainable clothing, microfibres are released into the water system from your washing machine which makes their way into the oceans, causing detrimental harm to marine life and the planet’s ecosystem. The average piece of clothing releases between 640,000 to 1,500,000 microparticles—even just wearing them can release plastic particles into the air. Our knits are always made from natural or recycled materials. You can wash them in your machine and rest assured that nothing bad will cross into our oceans. We know how important it is to safeguard our oceans, that’s why we also donate to activists or NGOs defending and cleaning our beaches from plastic waste.


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